Staining Liming Services Central Coast

Staining and liming are two ways to protect polished timber flooring. Where polishing simply achieves the smoothening of the floors, staining them or liming them help in protecting the polished floors. These two are necessary and not optional as many people are led to believe.
Staining – It is the process of applying a coating on a polished floor and it has to be done repeatedly. The first few times are to make sure that the stain penetrates into the wooden timber flooring and then the next few are done to put a protective coating on the floor. This process in no way disturbs the natural beauty of the timber, but only protects it and in fact, enhances its beauty.
There are different ways of staining, but direct staining is the best option to take as it involves the application of staining materials directly, without mixing them with any varnish or other chemicals. The direct and raw application makes sure that the stains reach deep into the wood and do not get removed if you scratch on the surface, which would have been the case if the staining had been done using varnish.
Liming – This process essentially involves the application of lime products on polished flooring to achieve a whitish look that actually makes the floors look ultra- modern. This is an awesome alternative to the traditional favourites like staining and smooth finishing. This kind of a complexion in no way disturbs the beauty of the timber, but brings a charming note of beauty to the already beautiful timber.
Its essential purpose is to protect the polished floors and that is why sometimes, customers insist on liming the floors even after staining them. We are obliged to do both for our customers.
Our main goal is to apply such a coating that eventually makes the floor last quite long, but at the same time makes it look great too. We at Fresh Water Floors provide excellent staining and liming services at relatively reasonable costs and we do the job without disturbing the ambience of the area and most importantly, according to your schedule and availability of dates.