Designing Timber Floors Central Coast

Designing timber floors is a growing trend even in a peri-urban area like Central Coast. The charms of parquetry can literally floor anyone, it is that beautiful! Parquetry is simply the art of decorating floors using materials similar or dissimilar to the materials used in flooring.
We can get you pre-designed timber floorboards and lay them for you. But what we especially take pride in is designing the floors ourselves. Our area of expertise is designing timber floors using various forms of parquetry like mosaic or block, etc.
You can make a regular floor look really awesome by opting for such designs. Our services can bring to life any design that you would want for your floor, and to be able to claim this needs a lot of experience to back it up with, which we certainly have. 30 years in the industry dealing with floors has made us thoroughly capable of producing capital results.
Whatever the challenge, no project is too difficult for us to provide excellent customized services, for we understand that, the needs and the likes of our customers can vary greatly and therefore, we too need to be that flexible, competent and efficient in running our business. We are all of that and more, so trust us, try us!